The executives of Societá SS. Crocifisso and San Giovanni Bosco announce that due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we feel we must postpone our Annual Feast for 2020 until 2021. This was a difficult decision but the safety and well-being of our volunteers, feast attendees, vendors, and suppliers was our first concern.

With state guidelines in mind, it would not be safe to bring large groups of people together early in June.

Below is a message from our President - Frank Faraci from Easter 2020.

This is the link to the video:

happy easter 2020

We did not have our annual dinner dance on Saturday, March 14 at Belvedere Banquets.

We will provide more information soon.

Below is the video from the 2018 SS. Crocifisso & San Giovanni Bosco Feast.

We thank the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe for recording this and allowing us to share the video.

2019 Feast Photos

These will be posted soon. Thank you for your patience.

Archived Photos

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Our Events

We celebrate our heritage and our faith with social events throughout the year. Our annual events include a mass honoring San Giovanni Bosco followed by a members' dinner, stations of the cross throughout Lent, St. Joseph's Table, an Easter Pasqueta, Mass honoring SS. Crocifisso Feast in Ciminna, SS. Crocifisso & San Giovanni Bosco Feast, a summer picnic, participation in Chicago's Columbus Day Parade, a dinner dance, the triunfu, and member meetings. Visit our calendar of events page for more information.

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Our Story

In the fall of 2017, SS. Crocifisso Society and San Giovanni Bosco Society joined together as Societá SS. Crocifisso San Giovanni Bosco di Ciminna (Chicago). We hope to expand our reach and continue to extend our united society to new members. Anyone who is devote to the Holy Cross and to San Giovanni Bosco can be sponsored to join our society. We welcome you to participate in our wonderful non-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting and maintaining the religious welfare of the Italian community in Chicagoland.

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Thank You

We express our sincere gratitude to all who have shown their support throughout the years to Societá SS. Crocifisso di Ciminna (Chicago)  and to Societá San Giovanni Bosco. We look forward to your continued support now that we have united together as one Societá SS. Crocifisso di Ciminna and San Giovanni Bosco di Ciminna (Chicago).

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If you would like to know more about our non-profit organization, our events, or if you would like to join our society, please contact us.